What to Expect

I often see individuals going through a difficult life phase, experiencing emotional distress or facing challenges in relationships. Before meeting in person, we will visit by phone about what concerns and goals you have and to see if I would be a good fit for you. Once the first appointment is scheduled, you will need to complete the forms on this website.

In the beginning of our time together, we will discuss what brings you to counseling now and what you would like to work on most-- including the goals you have in mind.  We will explore your family background, personal history of any trauma, loss or emotional distress as well as relationship history. Moving forward, we will work together addressing the goals we have agreed upon. Our work will be focused on a deeper understanding of your thoughts, feelings and experiences so as to help you have a more fulfilling life.

The therapeutic models I use include Emotionally Focused, Person-Centered, Experiential, Interpersonal Therapy as well as other resources that have been proven effective for individual therapy. My style is empathic, relational and compassionate. In addition, I often suggest relevant readings, resources in the community and exercises to reinforce the work we are doing in sessions.

Finally, my deepest desire is to create a safe place of hope, healing and connection. I hope to help you find your true self as well as experience growth and change for a more fulfilling life.