What to expect...

I see individuals for well-being and life coaching when they are ready to achieve greater fulfillment in their personal or professional lives . Coaching involves positive, creative work designed to inspire and encourage you along life’s journey. During the coaching process, we will work together to motivate you to align with your values in ways that allow you to reach your greatest potential and true destiny.

This thought-provoking and engaging process is designed to assist you in accomplishing your goals in the following areas:

Stress management
Wellness and well being
Physical & mental health
Relationship skills
Career satisfaction
Work performance

It would be a pleasure to meet and work with you to leverage your strengths, discover your values and enhance your well being, performance and overall life satisfaction.

FAQ’s about Well-Being Coaching

How is coaching different from therapy or counseling?

Coaching focuses on clients’ strengths and goals related to greater success and satisfaction in personal and professional facets of life. However, counseling and therapy focus on helping clients cope with emotional or behavioral difficulties as well as past or current painful life experiences.

What are Julie’s credentials in this area?

Currently I am a Martha Beck Life Coach 'in training'. I also completed a 60 hour post-graduate well-being coaching program with an emphasis in Positive Psychology through the College of Executive Coaching. In addition, I have over 10 years experience as a licensed professional counselor and was an educator for over 25 years.

How and where does coaching take place?

The coaching experience can occur in person at my office (1401 NW 150th Street, Edmond, OK), over the phone or video chat for your convenience. 

What are the fees for coaching?

Fees are $100 per hour. Special packages are available at discounted rates when you pay in advance. Insurance cannot be used for coaching sessions.

How long does this process take?

Depending on your goals, frequency of meetings and progress between meetings, the coaching experience can last a few weeks to a few months.

Will there be ‘homework’ for me to do?

Most likely there will be exercises or activities in between coaching sessions to help you reach your goals!

How do I set up a coaching session?

Contact Julie Myers LPC at juliegmyerslpc@gmail.com or by phone at 405-921-8722.